AI Puts You Ahead of 86% of Your Competitors

+2 amazing AI tools for everyday use and more

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Hey solopreneurs,

Do you think you are behind the AI curve?

You are not and stats confirm this.

The fact that you’ve signed up to follow AI news makes you the frontrunner already. 💪

If you’ve used ChatGPT even once, you are 86% ahead of the rest! 🤩

So keep using it and you’ll beat your competitors in no time.

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • You are a frontrunner

  • How to create marketing campaigns in minutes

  • 2 x Amazing AI tools

  • Use stories in your next campaign

  • Do you rate the same as ChatGPT?

🗞️ AI News to Know

You are not behind the curve, you are ahead of the curve just by using ChatGPT once. I am all in on AI and sometimes I feel behind so its good reminder to see a newstory on research stats.

AI and algorithms are nothing new if you’ve even run ad campaigns. AI targeting by FB and other social media platforms is way more effective than I could ever do on my own.

This is great news for solopreneurs in few ways. You can (and you should) run your own ads!

Agencies are never the best option for smaller businesses due to budget constraints. Most solopreneurs waste money with agencies. Learning about advertising is totally worthwhile skills to any solopreneur. Its WAY easier thanks to AI tools available.

How AI can help you?

On top of targeting, it can help you create images, videos and even hyper personalised content.

⚒️ 2 x Great AI Tools

Here’s 2 tools that I use daily or regularly in my business. Can’t run my business without these!


One of the most time consuming task for us solopreneurs is content creation…. 😓 whether its writing, sourcing images or creating them to go with writing - it takes lot of time.

For image creation I use Canva* extensively - I dropped my Adobe subscription years ago and have not missed Photoshop even a minute (except maybe now a bit with Adobe Generative Fill feature….)

If you are Canva Pro user like me, you can use AI tools like a Pro within your account! Very handy!

For most of our needs Canva Pro creates “good enough” images/creatives/videos for our use. Good enough is more than enough for 95% of my business and my client's needs.

What I use (almost) every day on Canva:

  1. Background remover (this is game changer and reason why I don’t need Photoshop anymore!)

    1. great for product images, profile images etc. when you need clear background.

  2. Magic eraser. Got something on the image that should not be there? It’ll disappear with a click of a button. 🪄

  3. Text to image. Not as good as Midjourney but improving every day. Great for fast background images / newsletter images etc.


This one is so awesome if you have lot of content but no time to read line by line! 🤩

Upload your PDF to ChatPDF and voila - you can “chat” with your PDF and get summary in seconds!

Works great for your own content too! Wrote a book? Upload it to ChatPDF and get chatting with your book and create summaries, marketing material and well, anything you want!

And its mere $5/month! 😲

🦾 ChatGPT Prompt of the Day -

Use case: Stories sell and engage so why not ask ChatGPT to create a story for your next campaign.

Prompt: Act as a marketing copywriter. Create a witty and funny story (max [lenght] characters) containing analogies about the benefits of using a product or service.
My first suggested request is: write a story about [topic]

Not sure I’d use the story as is but its pretty amazing what you can get from ChatGPT with a simple prompt. ChatGPT can be amazing creative partner when you are thinking about how to market your business.

Here’s 3 extra marketing prompts:

  • List [x] best pricing practices for [product/service]

  • List [x] ways to differentiate my [type of] business

  • List [x] ways to create partnerships for [business type]

Recommended AI & Non-AI Business Tools

Beehiiv* - Create a newsletter the easy way & scale your business (this newsletter is built with Beehiiv)*
Notion* - The ultimate All in One Tool with AI. Use it for notes, freebies, social media content calendar, writer…. options are Endless!
Typeform* - Need to capture information from clients? Use Typeform and make effective and stylish questionnaires
Fiverr - Need to hire freelancers with ChatGPT experience? Try Fiverr and get to work asap.*
LeadPages* - Build landing pages, website, store and more with easy to use drag and drop builder. I use Leadpages for all landing pages.
Mixo* - From an Idea to Website in 60 seconds flat.
Adcreative.AI* - Generate conversion focused ad creatives and social media posts in matter of seconds.

Are we friends yet?

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Thank you for reading! 🙏 

The newsletter is new so any and all kind of feedback is greatly appreciated.

ChatGPT rated this issue as 8/10 - do you agree?

I also asked it to list strenghts of this issue and ideas for improvements (which I did not execute this time).

Hit reply with “YES” if you’d like to learn how to do this too and I’ll share the prompts.



PS: Watch 30 min or read helpful training on how to get started with ChatGPT » Click Here to Watch Now.

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