From an Idea to Website in 60 seconds flat.

ChatGPT for product generation, Mixo for live website.

Hey Biz family,

Today’s edition is all about testing & trialing AI tools.

  • how to create a website with a single sentence and see it live in 60 seconds

  • helpful AI and non AI tools

  • use sensitive data on ChatGPT now possible?

⚒️ AI Use Case Idea

Have an idea for business, product or service and want a website for it without paying thousands for a developer?

Here’s a tool that helps entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their business ideas.

This is great if you need a visual representation of your idea and ability to build an email list.

I tested Mixo for one business idea:

Mixo works like a charm - All images and text are generated by AI. Website took a few seconds of writing a few lines about the business.

Free to generate a website, paid ($9-$39/month) to create multiple live websites with 30 day money back guarantee.

See the live version of the website >> Access here

🦾 ChatGPT Prompt of the Day

Have a concept but no clear offering for your concept?

Here's a prompt to use to generate product/service ideas for a concept (then plug it into Mixo!).

"[Concept Name] is a business concept that aims to provide innovative [products and/or services] to meet the evolving needs of [target audience]. As a ChatGPT, I would like your assistance in defining potential [products and/or services] that align with the core values and goals of [Concept Name]. Please help me brainstorm and develop a range of compelling [products/services] that can set [Concept Name] apart in the market."

🗞️ AI News

Privacy has been an issue with ChatGPT but maybe not so anymore. Every user has the ability to turn off chat history and data sharing in the settings.

I’d still be cautious but it might not be too long before we can “freely” utilize our business data on ChatGPT and other AI tools.

No more waitlist, search and content generation, graphs and images. Quite a flexible tool for small businesses.

Artificial intelligence was a central theme at Google’s annual developer conference.

📸 AI Image of the Day

I am obsessed with Midjourney and been taking a deep dive into learning MJ prompting. All our blog post images are made with MidJourney - some are winners, some well maybe not 😂

Prompt used: futuristic office laptop colorful realistic on mars realistic style

🧰 Useful Non-AI Business Tools

Beehiiv - Create a newsletter the easy way & scale your business (this newsletter is built with Beehiiv)*

Typeform - Need to capture information from clients? Use Typeform and make effective and stylish questionnaires

Fiverr - Need to hire freelancers with ChatGPT experience? Try Fiverr and get to work asap.*

LeadPages - Build landing pages, website, store and more with easy to use drag and drop builder. I use Leadpages for all landing pages.

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