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  • Fire your lawyer, photographer and marketing agency! 😲😲😲

Fire your lawyer, photographer and marketing agency! 😲😲😲

AI options are here.

Read Time: 2 mins 51 secs

Hey biz family,

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Google entered the AI game in a big way

  • Clueless about ChatGPT - this FREE training is for you!

  • Product photos with the help of AI

  • Fire your product photographer? 🤔

  • And then fire your lawyer? 🤔

  • And finally your marketing agency?? 🤯

🗞️ AI News to Know

  • Google stepped up their AI game

    • Google is stepping up their AI game after not just because of ChatGPT but search has shifted away from Google to TikTok and other social channels. I even heard marketing agency stopping offering Google ads to their clients - and that has been one of the big offers. But results speak lauder - less searches means less ROI for clients, hence the decision.

    • What do you think, is Google going to beat Open AI in this game?

  • Is your business based in Europe?

    • EU AI Act is in the works that bring rules to AI. This hopes to ensure ethical and human-centric AI development. This is good news and sooner we have guidelines, the better. It may or may not impact your business so do spare a minute to know what’s in the works. Read more here.

  • AI tools for Meta advertising!

    • AI has been available to some extent already with Meta advertising but even Meta is stepping up their AI game. A much needed for us small business! Hiring an agency is expensive but the more AI tools are available, the easier we can run our own ads and keep the profits.

⚒️ ChatGPT Beginner?

Don’t have an account with ChatGPT and not even sure where to sign up? Or know someone like that?

Don’t worry, rescue is here.

This helpful document takes you from complete newbie to confident beginner in ChatGPT in under 30 minutes. Watch the video and/or read the doc and chat your way to business success.

🍲 I taught my mom to use ChatGPT to recipes based on what’s on the fridge 😀

🦾 Midjourney Product Image Prompt

Midjourney is mindblowingly good at creating images that blow your socks off.

Need artsy style images for website? No problems - use your favorite artist name on the prompt and you got it.

Need businessy type images for newsletter? Use business / corporate keywords and you’ll get all the images you need.

Or need product images with your own product?

It can do that too! You can upload your own image and ask Midjourney to create new images for you.

The only recommandation is to get very specific in your prompt to get best result.

Below is an example of lipstick product shot.

Use case: Create product images with cool looking backgrounds.

Prompt: Commercial photography, powerful explosion of purple dust, designer lipstick, white lighting, studio light, high resolution photography, insanely detailed, fine details, isolated plain, stock photo, professional color grading, award winning photography --v 5

(edit the prompt to match your product, style, tone and colors)

Image credit AItuts.com

See more amazing examples at AItuts.com

What products did you try to create with Midjourney?

🤯 MindBlown - Lawyers out of work soon?

Becoming a lawyer has been the “safe” job option that pays incredibly well. AI might change that.

Here’s an website that could put many lawyers out of job.

This is not legal advice from me so do verify the advice given.

Useful AI & Non-AI Business Tools

Beehiiv* - Create a newsletter the easy way & scale your business (this newsletter is built with Beehiiv)*

Typeform - Need to capture information from clients? Use Typeform and make effective and stylish questionnaires

Fiverr - Need to hire freelancers with ChatGPT experience? Try Fiverr and get to work asap.*

LeadPages* - Build landing pages, website, store and more with easy to use drag and drop builder. I use Leadpages for all landing pages.

Scribe - Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly.

What’s your take away from today’s content? Hit reply and let’s chat.

That is all for today, see you on Thursday!



PS: Watch 30 min or read helpful training on how to get started with ChatGPT » Click Here to Watch Now.

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