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ChatGPT Updates you need to know + 5 Free trainings

Here’s what you’ll learn today about ChatGPT:

Read Time: cup of coffee

Good morning / afternoon / evening where ever you are reading this.

Here’s what you’ll learn today about ChatGPT:

  • Official Open AI app is out!

  • Updates for pro users

  • 5 online trainings

  • Implement AI effectively to your business

  • Create images with Midjourney

🗞️ ChatGPT News to Know

  • Use ChatGPT on your iPhone with an official app

    If you've been on the App Store (or Play Store), you've probably come across apps that mention ChatGPT. None of those are OpenAI apps, but the wait is over as they have finally released the iOS version for the US market! This is great news if you are an iPhone user in the US, but bad news if you are an Android user. There is no news yet on when the Android version will be available.

  • Speech to Text with App

    The great thing about the app is that you don't need to type! It supports speech-to-text, so you can say goodbye to Siri!

  • Apple Bans ChatGPT for their Employees

    Apple has said NO to ChatGPT and has restricted its use on their network. Apple is concerned about the intentional or accidental leakage of confidential data to OpenAI.

    »» As a business owner you also need to consider this. More on this below.

🦾 ChatGPT Training Online

I gathered 5 online trainings for you and your team to learn more about ChatGPT. See the Twitter thread below for links.

🦾 ChatGPT Updates

Here’s couple of updates that you might have missed:

If you are a pro user you’ll have access to great new set of options:

GPT-4 is much better than GPT-3.5 for business users but it does come with restrictions of maximum 25 messages in 3 hours. It is also significantly slower than GPT 3.5 so you might need a cup of coffee while waiting for answer - wait is totally worth it though.


ChatGPT cut off date was 2021 so it was clueless on most things happened after that. So long waited update was ability to browse and get up-to-date information.

This is a huge upgrade as Google Bard can do this. The AI battle is truly on.


ChatGPT has already nice selection of apps and more are coming up soon. Remember the time when Apple introduced its app store, I see Open AI doing the same. This does two things, users get better apps and creators can make money by selling apps on Open AI store.

Couple of examples:

  • Plan your vacay with Kayak

  • Create Google Sheets

  • Make a dinner reservation with OpenTable

“Continue Generating”

One helpful addition to the chat is “Continue Generating” button eliminating the need to type in “continue” in case chat stops for some reason. Small but helpful.

⚒️ ChatGPT - to Ban or Not to Ban

This is a question that each business owner MUST tackle sooner or later. There are pros and cons for either side.

This does not impact just your employees but all contractors and freelancers alike - basically anyone who has access to confidential data of any kind.

ChatGPT has obvious benefits for any solopreneur or small business owner and when used right, it is an incredible tool. Used wrong, your confidential information could be leaked to the world.

If you are embracing ChatGPT it might be good to have chat or training with your employees/contractors what is ok and what is not with ChatGPT. It is better to be clear early on than have regrets later.

Are you banning or embracing ChatGPT?

Navigating AI tools in Business

The decision of whether to ban or allow AI tools like ChatGPT is a crucial one that every business owner must consider. While these tools can offer significant benefits, they also come with security concerns, making it essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons and establish clear usage guidelines.

Here are a few key points to consider:

Data Sensitivity: Evaluate the level of sensitivity associated with the information handled by you, your employees, and contractors. For instance, it may be wise to reconsider using ChatGPT for sharing confidential marketing strategies or insider information with external partners.

Guidelines and Monitoring: Develop well-defined guidelines outlining who can use ChatGPT and for what purposes. It's important to keep these guidelines updated as the AI landscape evolves. For instance, consider the implications of new features like plugins or browsing on ChatGPT and how they may affect the established guidelines.

Regular Evaluation: Continuously assess the effectiveness of the guidelines and monitor the usage of AI tools within your business. Regularly review the guidelines to ensure they align with the changing AI landscape and address any emerging risks or concerns.

By refining these points and considering the specific needs and circumstances of your business, you can create a more comprehensive and actionable guide to navigate the use of AI tools while prioritizing data security and responsible usage.

An Example - AI in Coaching

Many coaches have started using AI recording tools for their coaching sessions, which can provide valuable insights for both parties involved. However, this raises concerns regarding the safety and privacy of the conversations.

The question arises: Can you truly trust a third-party tool to keep your coachees' conversations private, safe, and secure?

Here's my perspective:

This is a complex issue, as the insights gained from AI recording tools can be extremely helpful. However, personally, I am not willing to take the risk at this point.

If I am being coached, I make it clear to my coach that I do not want the call to be recorded or used with any AI tools. I value the privacy of my conversations and may hold back information if I know it's being recorded.

On the other hand, if I am the coach, I make an exception for coaching clients who wish to use their own AI recording tools during our sessions. In such cases, the responsibility for the content and the risk associated with recording lies with the client.

To Ban or Not

The decision to ban or embrace AI tools in business requires careful consideration of data sensitivity, establishment of clear guidelines, and regular evaluation of their usage.

While AI tools can offer valuable insights and efficiency, it is important to prioritize data security and privacy.

Each business owner must assess the specific needs and risks associated with their industry and adapt their approach accordingly. By striking a balance between leveraging the benefits of AI tools and safeguarding data, businesses can navigate the complex landscape of AI with confidence and responsibility.

Images with Midjourney - The Quick guide

To get great images from Midjourney, you must learn prompting. Simply typing business into it might not give you the best results.

Here’s an example of a simple prompt of “business”:

Works fine if you want a square image and random business scene.

Refine your prompt with adding colors, style, gender, aspect ratio and more.

MidJourney Prompt: Happy successful business woman, 40 year old, wearing professional outfit, inside a comfy luxury office, sitting, relaxing, Nikon fm2 50mm f 1.4 Kodak film Ultramar 400 photos at night grain --ar 16:9 --style raw

All our blog post images are made with Midjourney - absolutely love the tool!

Have you tried Midjourney yet?

Useful AI & Non-AI Business Tools

Beehiiv* - Create a newsletter the easy way & scale your business (this newsletter is built with Beehiiv)*

Typeform - Need to capture information from clients? Use Typeform and make effective and stylish questionnaires

Fiverr - Need to hire freelancers with ChatGPT experience? Try Fiverr and get to work asap.*

LeadPages* - Build landing pages, website, store and more with easy to use drag and drop builder. I use Leadpages for all landing pages.

Scribe - Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly.

Helpful tricks and tips

  • Get your receipts in order with Zapier & ChatGPT (link)

  • Create the perfect hands on Midjourney (link)

  • Coca Cola invites digital artist to create magic (link)

If you have interesting ideas, projects or need training on ChatGPT, reach out by responding to this email or sending DM on Twitter or Linkedin.

That is all for today, see you on Thursday!



PS: Watch 30 min or read helpful training on how to get started with ChatGPT » Click Here to Watch Now.

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