From ZERO traffic to 750K/month with AI

How would that kind of traffic transform your business?

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Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • AI reading your mind!

  • how to go from ZERO traffic to 750K/month with AI

  • Shocking image improvements in just 12 months

  • How to make more money with existing clients/customers

🗞️ AI News to Know

  • Google is dancing as fast as they can to keep up.

    Don't be surprised if your Google search experience looks different soon. The company plans to make its search engine more "visual, snackable, personal, and human," with an eye on young people worldwide, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

    This will involve adding AI features like chat, along with more social-media posts and short videos.

  • Nothing is safe these days.

    Scientists have invented a language decoder that can translate a person’s thoughts into text using an artificial intelligence (AI) transformer similar to ChatGPT, reports a new study.

⚒️ AI Use Case Idea

AI generated content 0 to 750K / month traffic from search engines with 100% AI generated content. (JakezWard - Twitter)

Jake Ward states his company took a website from 0 to 750K/mo SEO traffic using 100% AI-generated content.

- 7K total pages generated
- Hit 300K/mo after 6 months
- Hit 750K/mo after 12 months
- 4K+ keywords in positions 1-3
- 13K+ keywords in positions 4-10

Quick overview:
Website: B2B SaaS
Industry: Finance
AI tool used:

How would a 750K/month traffic transform your business (and bank account!)?

🦾 ChatGPT Prompt of the Day

Use case: Make more profit from existing customers/clients.

Prompt: What are [number] upsell and cross-sell ideas for [your product / service]

What ideas did you get by using this prompt?

🤯 MindBlown

Midjourney, the AI image generator, has made incredible progress in just one year. You have to check this out.

Below is images used exact same prompt to generate the image. The only difference is 12 months apart.

Imagine what it will look like 12 months from now... 🤔

See more examples here.

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